Belle Knox

Belle Knox is famous as a talented, gorgeous porn starlet making some of the most alluring and seductively fun films in the whole adult movie industry. But back in 2014 she also became nationally known – and then even generated international headlines in the news media as well as on social media platforms. That is because her fellow students at the prestigious Duke University found out she was also leading a double life as a porn star. Her stage name is Belle Knox, but she was a freshman on campus – at one of the best colleges in the world that accepts only the best and the brightest students – when she shot her very first porn scene and decided that a career in adult entertainment might be a great way to help pay her tuition. After all, it cost her approximately $60,000 a year just to attend Duke University.
Her story is intriguing, just as her films are, so we wanted to chat with her to hear more about her fascinating life and the roller coaster ride of rather unwanted and unexpected media attention that landed in her life when students found out she was a porn actress.

Interviewer: It is an honor to talk to you, Belle. I’m sure all your fans wish they could meet you, too, because they are crazy about your films.
Belle Knox: Thanks. I’m glad to hear that. Without my loyal fans I wouldn’t have such a successful career, so I give them tons of credit for whatever good things are happening to me in my professional adventure as a porn actress.

Interviewer: Before we get into your career, can you tell us a little bit about that strange saga when you suddenly got thrust into the public eye as a freshman in college?
Belle Knox: Boy, that was a crazy time and a really weird situation. I mean I was focused on making good grades. Duke is a really hard school, and freshman year can be one of those make you or break you times, no matter how good of a student you may have been in high school in order to get accepted at that university.

Interviewer: What was your major, your main area of academic study?
Belle Knox: Women’s Studies. I was, like so many students these days, searching for some way to make more money because paying for college is extremely expensive. Then I realized that one option was to get into the adult film industry as an actor. I saw that people like me were able to make a lot of money, fast, without compromising their values or getting caught up in anything shady. We’re talking about making at least a couple of thousand dollars for each time you show up and make a film. If you’re good at it and get some experience you make a whole lot more than that.

Interviewer: So the film industry is a serious business, but in any industry there are some shady characters – whether you go into banking or politics or porn. You’re one of the smartest people in the industry – with credentials from one of the highest ranked colleges in the world – so how did you get started the intelligent way, to avoid the problems some people have?
Belle Knox: Well it’s like any industry, if you surround yourself with the right people – who have your best interest in mind and are working for you on your team – then you can leave a lot of the complicated stuff up to those experts and professionals. To make a long answer shorter, I just tried out a few agencies that represent women in porn, and found good agencies. Right away I was getting call-backs to do more film shoots so when I wasn’t in class or doing homework I’d travel to a nearby studio and make some money as a porn star.

Interviewer: Most people on college campuses are really having a lot of sex anyway, so that sounds like a pretty savvy job to have.
Belle Knox: I know, right? Instead of working for tips in a restaurant on my feet all day I could just have some hot sex and make as much money in one session as I might make in an entire month. Like you said, going to university usually involves lots of extracurricular activity in bed anyway, so why not be an entrepreneur and turn that fun activity into a lucrative career?

Interviewer: I know that Tasha Reign is an adult film star that you admire. Doesn’t she go to college too?
Belle Knox: Yeah, she’s at UCLA, and I’m sure there are many other people in the industry who also go to colleges. But the thing is that UCLA is in California, and it’s a much more open-minded part of the country. Duke is a very old, rather conservative institution and it’s right in the middle of the Bible Belt in the Southern USA. People are not that tolerant, and they also have this stereotype about girls who do porn, that we are all stupid bimbos. Obviously that’s completely false – otherwise how do you explain that starlets like Tasha and me are also highly successful porn actresses? Anyway, it caused a bombshell when the news got out because some guys at my school saw me in porn and then recognized me in class, and it got all blown out of proportion.

Interviewer: But you were able to smartly leverage the unwanted and uncalled-for notoriety into some positive outcomes, right?
Belle Knox: Yeah, I appeared on TV shows like The View, I landed a summer internship in the porn industry, and I also got offered a chance to write a book about my experiences. There is a line of sex toys based on me, too, so you could say I managed to turn a lemon of a situation into some lemonade!

Interviewer: Are you still in college at Duke?
Belle Knox: I am, and I plan to graduate with the class of 2017.

Interviewer: Looking back it must seem kind of surreal.
Belle Knox: I had no idea what the porn industry was like or how to start, at first, so I was just doing my research. There’s this one website called The whole site is devoted to finding employment in the adult entertainment industry, it’s amazing. Who knew? Anyway I submitted some sexy nude selfies with a short description of myself and a few days later a company offered to fly me to New York City and pay me $1,200 per scene.

Interviewer: As the saying goes, I guess the rest was history, huh?
Belle Knox: Yep. Now here I am being interviewed because I have fans all over the world who want to know more about me, and it’s great.

Interviewer: You are a role model for lots of women in the industry. Who are your role models in porn?
Belle Knox: Sasha Grey is very intelligent and articulate but she’s also so hot and sexy. I also really like Annie Sprinkle. She was the first woman in the porn industry to earn a Ph.D. So I guess we should refer to her as Dr. Sprinkle. I imagine that lots of people who see her in films don’t realize that, or know that she’s a really well-respected feminist.

Thank you Belle Knox for your Interview at Nubile Films.