Carter Cruise Interview

Like her fellow porn star Belle Knox, Carter Cruise also was going to college when she first got into the adult movie industry. Unlike Belle, though, Carter did not experience the outrageous backlash against her when the news spread across her campus that she was doing porn acting. Why that happened that way was one of the things she has talked about in her interviews. Here is a closer glimpse into the life and story of Carter, who is one of the hottest starlets in the industry right now, and whose popularity and stardom continues to grow as her career success blossoms.

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Carter Cruise at Nubile Films

Interviewer: When you began your film career you were going to college in North Carolina, the same state where Belle Knox went to college. She was at Duke University, and you were a few hundred miles away at Eastern Carolina University. How was your debut into the adult film industry differently received than hers?
Carter Cruise: Well, for one thing she was freshman who had just gotten to college so she had not had time to really meet people and make friends. She was young and more susceptible to social pressures that came along in the aftermath of her being “outed” as a porn star by some of her classmates. But I was a senior, not too far from graduating, and I already had a really solid network of friends. They knew me well, and they all knew that I was getting into porn, because I never tried to keep it a secret from anyone. So when they found out they were actually quite supportive of me.

Interviewer: So it was all good?
Carter Cruise: Mostly. I mean there were some girls in my sorority who pretended to be all upset, because they thought that I might reflect badly on the sorority. That’s just not even logical because before I ever joined the sorority it had been in a little trouble. Anyway, those girls have mostly all calmed down and some of them think my career move was pretty cool. What is a little weird is when I go back to the town where I went to college.

Interviewer: Why is that?
Carter Cruise: Well I am kind of famous in a way, so I can just be walking down the street and suddenly be surrounded by people who want to take my picture.

Interviewer: Why did a future porn star want to be a sorority girl?
Carter Cruise: I like being part of a community of girls who look out for each other, and I really believe in the tradition of a sorority community, which is a kind of sisterhood.

Interviewer: What did you study in college?
Carter Cruise: I majored in psychology and I was in a pre-law program. I was also totally into studying women’s sexuality. I love sex and wanted to read all about it, and while I was doing that kind of research I got off into doing a lot of reading about porn and the porn industry. I was really fascinated by the whole culture of the business, even though I didn’t really watch porn. I don’t even watch much porn today, unless I’m watching it to help me figure out how to be a better actress.

Interviewer: How did you move from reading about the industry to being a major starlet?
Carter Cruise: The more I learned, the more I realized that a lot of the ideas I had about doing porn were misinformed, they were just old stereotypes. I discovered that lots of smart, cool women are into the industry, and I began to think I should check it out and see if I could be happy earning a living that way. I was thinking of doing modeling or moving to New York and being a conventional actress. I wound up contacting a talent agency, and right away they flew me down to Florida, which is really the center of the porn industry for girls just getting started. I did some scenes and then flew back to college. Just like that, I was doing porn while also working on graduating.

Interviewer: Now that acting is your primary focus, how has your lifestyle changed?
Carter Cruise: I do lot of scenes, and I lead a very busy professional life. The work is super demanding, and you have to be committed to it and willing to put in long hours. Sometimes I will be on the set or in the studio for 16 hours at a time, and that’s twice as long as most people are accustomed to working without getting to leave and go home.

Interviewer: You must have to take good care of yourself to handle that strain and intensity.
Carter Cruise: I do. Some girls party too much and then they wind up without any energy or getting sick and not being able to keep up with the work. But I exercise a lot and take it very seriously.

Interviewer: All work and no play, then?
CC: Keep in mind that I have sex while at work, so no, there is plenty of playing. Plus I am not totally uptight about being on diets and stuff like that. I love pizza, and I’m not going to deny myself those pleasures. I just like to lead a healthy life and have fun.

Interviewer: What about your love life?
Carter Cruise: Dating can be a challenge. I mean, the first thing you ask someone on a date is “so what do you do for a living?” and guys have lots of stereotypes about porn stars. But I have lots of other interests outside of my career. Anyway, I’m so focused on my career that dating isn’t my top priority.

Interviewer: I heard you were also a pretty good DJ. Is that right?
Carter Cruise: I love music and am stoked about all the things happening in the world of music these days. Pretty soon I’ll probably be recording with a record label and doing some live gigs. So stay tuned, and maybe I’ll have some surprises for you later in the year.