Elle Alexandra Interview

Nubile Films presents: Secrets of a famous redhead pornstar

Elle Alexandra was born on February 6, 1991 in Bakersfield, California as Ashley Bohannon shes an american adult actress famous for her movies like Red Hot Lesbians, Meow3 or Haze Her.

The Interview:

IV: Wow, it’s so great to meet you in the flesh.

EA: Well thanks for saying that. Glad to be here.

IV: You are one of the sexiest women on the planet, and a redhead on top of that, I have got to say.

EA: That’s sweet. But I’m just a natural. As anyone who has seen my work knows, for example, my breasts on the smaller end of the spectrum but I love my body.

Elle Alexandra redhead pornstar

Elle Alexandra redhead pornstar

IV: So do we. Is there a lot of pressure in the adult entertainment industry to do artificial things to change your physical appearance?

EA: Oh, I’m sure there is for some people. It all depends on who the companies or agencies or studios you work with are, I think, and I happen to have great professional support around me. I think if a woman wants to have her breasts augmented that’s fine, as long as it’s her own personal decision. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not interested in that and I am completely comfortable in my own skin and with my own body image.

IV: You have an amazing body, but is it a lot of hard work? Do you have to be in the gym all the time to stay so trim and hot?

EA: Actually I’m just a super active woman. I have always been that way. I’m not afraid to get dirty, I love going all-out, and I’m a very physical gal who can hang with the guys and do whatever kinds of adventures there are on the agenda.

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IV: What kinds of things are we talking about?

EA: Okay, well my favorite thing to do is wakeboarding. But if there is some kind of outdoor action, bring it on, I love all kinds of sports and recreation where you push yourself, get that adrenaline rush going, and have a blast seeing how far you can go to surprise yourself at how agile and fun the human body can be when you put it through a new challenge and adventure.

IV: You have one of the most extraordinary human bodies in the world, and I’m wondering how you got into the adult entertainment business?

EA: Like a lot of women in the industry I was a model in the early part of my career. I love modeling and it taught me a lot about how to get comfortable and work in front of a camera. Of course now I also get to play on camera, which is one of the fringe benefits of being a porn star.

IV: Where did that modeling career shift into posing naked and doing porn?

EA: In Chicago, the Windy City. After I had been modeling for a while I moved to Chicago to pursue my career and wound up working for Playboy, which was huge honor and big leap in my career, as you can imagine.

IV: How did your parents respond to your success in the adult entertainment industry?

EA: They are great. Of course it can be a difficult thing to confide to any parent, and I kept it under wraps for a while. But after about a year I told them and they were fine with it. I think my dad was even a little flattered that I had made it as a model and then moved up in my career to work for a top name like Playboy. My parents are cool people.

IV: Cool in what way?

EA: Well I didn’t have the traditional upbringing because my parents were kind of hippies – they are open-minded an very spiritual people. Not religious types, but spiritually-minded. I am also part Native American. While other kids might have lived in houses where they had air fresheners bought at the grocery store or something, we used incense in our home and would burn sage. That’s a Native American tradition or ritual practice. You burn sage and the smoke removes negative energy.

IV: That’s really cool.

EA: Yeah, we would go to drum circles all the time when I was growing up, that was one of the things we did as a family outing.

IV: Okay, so I don’t know what kind of guy you’d bring home to meet your parents, but what do you find attractive in a man?
Tell me something amazing about you that fans might not know, please?

EA: You’ve seen me do stunts in the bedroom, I’m sure. Well you might be interested to learn that I also work sometimes as a stunt double in movies.

IV: Wait, do you mean like stepping in to do dangerous stuff that the other actors might be afraid to do because you can get hurt?

EA: Yep, that’s me. I think in some ways I have a secret dream of becoming a redheaded Ninja.

IV: I must say, the more I learn about you the sexier you are.

EA: I love sports cars too, fast cars get my heart pumping. By the way, guys, just because I love hot cars doesn’t mean I don’t want to be driven. I am into guys who are great behind the wheel.

IV: What else turns you on?

EA: One of the biggest turn-offs is arrogance so a turn on for me is a guy who doesn’t have a big ego and feel like he has to always be the center of attention. I love going snowboarding, and afterwards – after doing any really fun and strenuous outdoor activity – I feel very sexy and powerful. There is nothing quite like going out on the slopes and shredding some snow all day long and then coming back with my hair kind of messy and fooling around with a hot guy that I love.

IV: What do you like to do when you’re fooling around:

EA: Foreplay is fantastic. That teasing and kissing and driving each other completely wild before getting it on is so hot and makes the sex mind-blowing great. Hey, what can I say? I am a hot-blooded redhead who loves doing what comes natural. If you want to get me hot, start by tickling me, that’s the thing that I love during foreplay.