Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean In just a three short years, the stunning young Elsa Jean has become one of the most adored young adult performers on the Internet. She won a Starlet of the Year nomination in 2016, after applying online to be a pornstar in 2015! This busy young native of somewhere-in-Ohio managed to graduate from high school at a very early age and she is well known for waist-length, slightly wavy blonde hair, big green eyes and petite slender body.

Elsa Jean is also known for her fondness for “pegging”, which is slang for a female with a strap-on doing anal on a male. The erotic attraction is how much she looks like an ethereal angel, yet she is so good when it comes to thrusting a strap-on-dildo into a male butt. She especially looks great fucking older black males, because her pale, almost albino complexion looks amazing when it is meshed with the skin of a darker lover.

However, it is her penchant for dominating males onscreen that has earned her real notoriety in the semi-nubile porn world. Elsa Jean maintains that she was very much into pegging long before she became an adult film starlet and that her first pegger was her boyfriend. She also says that there is a huge difference between anally pegging a man in her personal life and doing it professionally. Apparently, when the anal sex with the strap on is with a boyfriend, she tends to be a little slower and a bit more tender about the act of penetration. This is because she sees it as a sensual and passionate act. When she is asked to peg a male for a professional scene, she is a bit more dominant and aggressive with her lovemaking.

Although she enjoys being the boss of a man’s ass her favorite type of lovemaking is a threesome with two other girls, with two of her favorite girl-on-girl-on-girl conspirators being Charlotte Stokely and India Summer. She says this is because she loves gentle, passionate scenes and abhors being the recipient of rough or violent sex. She was first introduced to lesbian sex by watching it online all day when she was in high school, because it really turned her on, so in a way, doing so many girl-on-girl scenes in her new career is like living out a particularly cherished teenage fantasy of hers.

Although she loves the ladies, she also loves guys with huge cocks, especially if they are a bit older. She admits to dating much older guys when she was in high school because they tend to be better lovers. She also likes older men because their dicks tend to be full-grown and they are more mature in their approach to lovemaking. In fact, the oldest male she has ever slept with was 80 years old, and she admits that in fact, he was also a bit of a sugar daddy. She also loves a big dick, whether it be shoved up her ass, rammed into her cunt or crammed in her mouth. If the dick she is to fuck is massive, she likes to sit on it reverse cowgirl style and rock back and forth. She loves this position because it gives her lover a great view of her luscious tight little butt. She also confessed that she loves to have a big hot sperm facial and rub it all over her face, as it is like giving her pale skin a nourishing protein mask. She claims that it is cum that gives her face that special glow, which is why she is seen rubbing sperm all over her face in so many of her adult videos.

Most people who first meet this nubile-like young porn star are struck immediately by how shy and sweet she thinks, but once she gets to know a man she becomes very open and relaxed, and even a bit chatty. When she is not working, she likes to lounge around the house in a pair of men’s bikini briefs and long white athletic socks that practically reach up to her knees. This is a casual, comfortable look that makes her lovers feels at ease and emotionally bonded when they are around her, thus allowing for harder erections and greater stamina. Elsa tells us that she loves working in the porn industry because she has never had a job where everyone has gotten along so well and one where she has felt so liked. Previously she felt disliked when working jobs at a coffee shop, a grocery store and a strip club, mostly because coworkers were jealous of her beauty. Coworkers would be quite resentful of the way she was always promoted so quickly by her bosses, with the more spiteful ones accusing her of using her looks to get ahead and throwing coffee in her beautiful face. She doesn’t blame them because she knows she was favored for promotion over older employees, some with over forty years experience because she was pretty with lots of sex appeal.

She got into online erotic performance when working at the strip club, because she loved to send her regular customers erotic cell phone videos of herself. It was not long before one of those clients referred her to an adult film store agent who has kept her busy sucking, fucking and participating in girlish threesomes ever since. She said that she is very pleased with the reviews she has gotten so far for her performances and even though she was expecting rude language from the men that watch her online, she has gotten nothing but raves so far. She describes herself as a hard worker, who wants to make a lot of money because with her whole life lying ahead of her, she wants to do absolutely everything! She also hopes that she will have the chance go to Mars as an astronaut one day, hopefully before she turns thirty, so she will be fit enough to be one of the first humans landing there.

In terms of a role model for her own persona, Elsa Jean confesses that she has always thought of herself as being a young Scarlet Johansson. Elsa Jean has also had some pretty famous mentors helping her along with her career so far including her best friend and fellow performer Jojo Kiss and also the incredible Nina Hartley, who once sat down with her for four hours and gave her some good advice when they were seated next to each other on a plane. Her own advice to newcomers in the adult film business is to do it because it is fun, or not do it all. She also says that newbies should not let anyone talk them into doing anything that you are not quite ready for. Be the boss and tell others, including the director if need be, what you will do and when. Demanding respect from others while on the porn video set is essential. This just goes to show you how good self-esteem and an appropriate sense of self-care can create such an alluring personality full of sexual confidence.