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Interviewer (IV): It has always been a great pleasure to see you, and this is a greater pleasure to actually meet you. Tell me a little about yourself.
Jessa Rhodes: Thanks. I’m a country girl you could say, because I grew up in rural Oregon. I’m from a big family with seven kids. Maybe because I was the youngest I have always been really shy.

IV: A shy porn star?
Jessa Rhodes: I know, right? It sounds hard to believe but it’s true. In fact, when I moved to the big city it was a real culture shock. I mean, Los Angeles can be intimidating even if you are from the city, so just imagine what an adjustment it was for me.

IV: Well, you certainly have done well here.
Jessa Rhodes: I was lucky, and had a lot of support, plus I work my ass off because I am really passionate about what I do.

IV: That certainly shows on the screen. When do you get your start?
Jessa Rhodes: I got into the adult movie business when I was 19 years old, and it wasn’t really something I set out to do, it just happened and I followed my instincts.

IV: Did you start by auditioning or what?
Jessa Rhodes: I began on Web cam. But it didn’t take long for an agent working for a movie studio to notice me and offer me a job. I’ve always been up for an adventure so I was like “Sure!” I figured you don’t know until you try it, and I was at a point in my life where I was looking for a career. They say you should do what you love, and I love acting and modeling – plus I really love sex. So this has been a dream come true for me.

IV: But what got you over your shyness to do Web cam work?
Jessa Rhodes: I can’t explain how a shy person like me winds up in the adult entertainment industry, but I guess there is something fun and bold about acting. You can sort of be someone else – someone not so shy – because you are really playing that role.

IV: You also used to be a dancer, right?
Jessa Rhodes: Yeah, that’s right. I did that before Web camming. I starting stripping and realized that you know what? I’m pretty comfortable with my body so why not celebrate it? I mean if I was going swimming I had no problem taking off my top even if people were around. Nudity is natural and like I said, I’m kind of a country girl so I’m comfortable in nature, it doesn’t scare me or freak me out.

IV: That’s great, that you are so cool about that.
Jessa Rhodes: I do what I love, I love what I do, and I have so much fun in my career. What’s not to like about that? I feel really lucky in that respect. Sure, moving into the adult industry is a big transition. I’m not saying it didn’t affect me on some level. Just being in front of a camera can play with a person’s mind or emotions, even if you aren’t getting undressed or doing anything sexual.

IV: How did you adjust to it, then? You seem really grounded.
Jessa Rhodes: There is a social stigma that a lot of people put on porn actresses, and if you listen to all of that then sure, it will mess with you. But after just a short time in the industry I said to myself, hey, I’m a success and I’m great at what I do. I am getting rewarded for doing something I love, so who cares what a few people think? I don’t have time to worry about what goes on inside someone else’s brain. I owned the fact that yeah, I’m in porn movies, and I’m not going to hide that from anyone. If they can’t deal with it that’s their problem, not mine. I’m happy with who I am and what I do.

IV: A lot of your fans all over the world are really happy about it too, I have to say. I mean you are awesome, and your popularity proves how talented you are.
Jessa Rhodes: A Thank you.

IV: How do you keep that hot body? I’m sure you’re a natural hottie, but you are really toned and fit.
Jessa Rhodes: I eat fast food. Seriously, I do. I haven’t spend more than a week in the gym in years. For one thing I’m young, so I have youth on my side.

IV: But do you work out?
Jessa Rhodes: I’m an active gal, sure. I like to keep the body moving – even when I’m not on screen. But I can’t stand going to gyms that are just like singles’ bars, you know, where you’re trying to do your exercise regimen and some guys are hitting on you like you’re just there to meet men or something. I mean, really?

IV: You’re so attractive they probably can’t help themselves.
Jessa Rhodes: Maybe. But there is a way to approach a woman if you want to get to know her or ask her out. If I’m in the gym I’m probably not looking my sexiest, and if you are just there to pick up women then that’s pretty lame. So mostly I exercise in the privacy of my own apartment. If you’re fortunate enough to date me or be my boyfriend then we’ll get around to exercising in the bedroom too, but not if you try to meet me with some stupid pickup line at the gym. I’ve heard all the pickup lines in the world so they aren’t going to impress me.

IV: What does impress you?
Jessa Rhodes: I like a guy who is respectful of me and also takes care of himself. I mean who doesn’t love a hard, hot body on a great guy?

IV: What kind of guys are you mostly attracted to?
Jessa Rhodes: I love a man who isn’t afraid to show some real passion and vigor in the bedroom. That’s definitely a turn-on, for me. I go in for the bad boys with the muscles and sexy chests. But bad boy means you’re not scared to live on the edge and embrace life – it’s not a license to act like a jerk.

IV: What’s else is not so much of a turn-on?
Jessa Rhodes: Well one time I shot a scene where we did it on a marble staircase. Think about that for a minute. Cold, hard marble? Not exactly the most romantic and comfortable place to get it on.

IV: In your free time, what are you into these days?
Jessa Rhodes: I am getting into MMA a little.

IV: No kidding?
Jessa Rhodes: Sure, why not? I also love to listen to all kinds of music, and sometimes I binge-watch Sons of Anarchy. I’m way off into football, too, and I’m a Seahawks fan.

IV: How about the future?
Jessa Rhodes: I want to stay in the business for at least several more years. Then who knows? I’ve always just gone with the flow and I’m open to whatever happens, as long as it’s fun. Right now I’m in a good place in my life. I have a strong career, the sex is incredible and I never have to worry about getting laid.