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IV= Interviewer

PH = Presley Hart

IV: Presley Hart, how great it is to meet you after seeing you onscreen so many times.

PH: Thank you. I love doing interviews.

IV: One question everyone wants to have answered is how did you get into the porn movie business?

PH: It’s funny, I didn’t really plan on it but I was looking a job, and it sounded like a good idea at the time.

IV: Presley, You have fans around the world who definitely think it was a great idea. How did all happen?

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PH: I partied in high school like most kids do, but I was also a good student and I wanted to go into some kind of field where I could make good money while doing something challenging that would stimulate my natural curiosity and desire to excel and leave behind a body of work that was real evidence of my effort and investment of time.

IV: Okay, so you decided porn was the ticket, right?

PH: Oh no, I studied architecture in college. I was going to get out and start building houses or skyscrapers or whatever.

IV: Wow, that’s fascinating. So how did that path lead to being a successful adult entertainment actress with a growing fan base?

PH: So I had done all kinds of jobs along the way, and then I found myself in college and that was going well. But something also told me that I hadn’t yet found my passion. I had always been trying out different jobs and then I’d get bored or want something new and I’d go in a different direction and try some other kind of work. Of course I had to budget my money and my time. It was difficult, and you know how much it costs these days to go to college.

IV: I guess the option of working in adult entertainment become more attractive at that point, huh?

PH: Sure, finally it occurred to me that instead of struggling to finish school maybe I could land a different kind of job that might be a lot more thrilling and financially rewarding than engineering. I mean, engineering does sound not quite as exciting as getting paid to have sex with lots of hot professional porn stars, doesn’t it?

IV: You’ve got a good point there.

PH: I only had a semester or two left in college, but I was also really busy doing research into all different kinds of possible jobs I could apply for and suddenly it dawned on me that maybe I could be successful as an adult entertainment actress. I was about 23 then, which is pretty much the age that most people leave college to start a career. I just did my own thing, though, and didn’t exactly take the traditional career path. But I wasn’t naive. I probably did more investigation and research than most people do before they select a career.

IV: That’s a wise thing to do, especially in the adult entertainment industry which sometimes has some horror stories associated with it, about women who are taken advantage of and not treated professionally.

PH: Exactly, so I scrutinized it from every angle, I got into it and looked at every aspect of the business and then signed on with a good agency to represent me. I think all of that preparation really helped me get a great start in the business, which can also be very competitive. So I feel really happy about how that all turned out.

IV: But what about college. You were so close to finishing, weren’t you?

PH: That’s true and I may one day decide to go back and finish up. I only need a few credits to graduate. But for the time being I’m focused on my career and it’s going so well.

IV: You are blazing your own path, which is so cool.

PH: Thanks. Hey, I’ve always done things on my own terms, and I think we should follow our own hearts and do what we enjoy and think is best for us. I guess I was never cut out to be one of those people who follows the straight and narrow path and is afraid to venture outside the comfort zone. I don’t see any reason to follow some old fashioned and traditional career path unless I feel like it, and sometimes rules are made to be broken – as long as it’s all fun and all good.

IV: Yeah, you don’t strike me as the kind of woman who just wants to settle down and work a 9 to 5 job. But I’m sure it’s not always a walk in the park.

PH: No, thank you for appreciating that. I think all that college experience helps though, like when I have to study for a part.

IV: What do you mean, study? Do porn stars have homework?

PH: Some of us do, yeah! I mean if I have a speaking part in a movie, then I may have to study the script and memorize a bunch of lines. That isn’t something you can just do off the cuff. You have a whole team of professionals, everyone from the camera crew to the director to the actors, and they are depending on you to show up and know your stuff. I take that seriously, so sometimes I might have to study hard to be sure I have my role and my lines down pat.

IV: My guess is that a lot of the work comes naturally, too.

PH: Sex comes naturally, and that’s a real perk of the job. But then there are times when you’re filming in a cold room or the hot sun. One time they needed a scene in the rain, I guess that’s romantic. But in a studio setting the rain was being sprayed on us from water hoses, right, and it was really cold. You’re maybe standing there naked trying to remember your lines while you are shivering cold.

IV: That sounds brutal. What did you do to get warm?

PH: Oh I just wrapped myself all over the guy I was doing the scene with, and we figured out a way to keep each other warmer and still make a great porn movie.

IV: So what does Presley Hart do away from the set to keep things interesting?

PH: I love to eat, and sometimes I love a little wine with my Italian pasta or Mexican food.

IV: Well if you are eating lots of pasta and rich Mexican it doesn’t seem to show. You’re in amazing shape.

PH: Thanks. I weight around 105 or so. I have a pretty petite body and I work hard and I take care of myself.

IV: It shows, and best of luck with your career.

PH: Thanks, and thanks to all my fans. I adore you guys!