Sara Luvv Pornstar Interview

Sara Luvv Interview at Nubile Films

Sara Luvv Pornstar exclusive interview for Nubile Films!

Interviewer: Sara, it’s a real treat to meet you in person. I’m a huge fan.
Sara Luvv: Thanks, I really appreciate it.

Interviewer: Where are you from orginally?
Sara Luvv: I’m a California girl. Just not the stereotypical blonde kind.

Interviewer: So you grew up all sporty, doing outdoor actInterviewerities in the sun and surf?
Sara Luvv: Well yeah, everyone in Southern California plays outdoors all the time. But you know how most kids get really into sports in school when they are kids? I didn’t do any of that. I wasn’t on any sports teams at all.

Interviewer: Really? Why is that? Are you not a good team player or something?
Sara Luvv: Oh no, nothing like that. I get along with people great. I mean you’ve seen my films so you know I can be a fantastic teammate. Sex is kind of a team sport, right?

Interviewer: That’s funny and yeah, you are an awesome team player on the camera and in the bedroom. I am sure there are millions of fans all over the world who want to be on that team.
Sara Luvv: My fans are already on my team. Without them, I wouldn’t really have a career would I? But the reason I didn’t do school sports growing up was just because where my parents lInterviewered was a really long distance from school. DrInterviewering back and forth to practice was just too hard because it took so much time so that wasn’t really a practical option for me.

Interviewer: I have heard that the traffic in Southern California can be a nightmare so that makes perfect sense.
Sara Luvv: Another reason might be that growing up I was super shy.

Interviewer: You are so at home in front of the camera, even with your clothes off having sex, that it is a little hard to picture you as the shy one in the crowd.
Sara Luvv: Well it’s true, and when I first got into porn I was like terribly nervous about the whole thing. I am not the kind of person who is an extrovert and was born to perform on a stage or in front of a lot of lights and cameras.

Interviewer: But you seem to have adjusted to it just fine. I don’t detect any of that in your acting and in your films.
Sara Luvv: So here’s how it went. At first I was thinking there is no way I am going to do porn with other people, other actors. Solo, yeah, but that’s a lot less complicated. I mean it is just you and a camera, right? Sort of like being on a web cam or something. But I like to have fun and I’m not happy when I am bored, and just doing solo shots got boring pretty fast.

Interviewer: That’s when you started doing full-on sex scenes?
Sara Luvv: Well, it took a while, it was sort of a Sara Luvvow transition. What happened in the beginning was I did scenes with other women.

Interviewer: I’m sure those movies are popular all over the world, that sounds hot.
Sara Luvv: Thank you. Yeah, it is pretty hot doing those. But I’d be on the set and there was other actors – women doing scenes with cute guys and so forth. I would check that out and it looked like a whole lot of fun, too. Before long I was working with guys and it was awesome. Now I’m open to most everything. I don’t have the jitters any more, I have lost my inhibitions and stage fright.

Interviewer: I am sure the people who are lucky enough to be in scenes with you love it too. What a great job, to go to work and get to hang out and play with Sara Luvv.
Sara Luvv: Oh, believe me, it’s a dream career if you love sex and have a lot of great people around you who are professional and everyone works together to make sure the movies you shoot are the best they can possibly be. I have been really rewarded in my career and I hope it continues for a while longer because the more I learn the more I enjoy it.

Interviewer: You don’t sound shy or nervous at all to me.
Sara Luvv: Like I said, I have gotten to a place where it is totally easy for me to perform. But I don’t get all worked-up about what character I’m going to play and worried about being seen having sex by fans all over the place who watch porn. I just show up for work and it’s like okay, hi everybody. What’s up and what are we going to do today. Then when I’m doing it in a scene I’m just having sex and getting into it, I’m not pretending to be someone else. I’m having sex, and it’s hot.

Interviewer: You’re hot. About how much do you weigh?
Sara Luvv: I am not quite fInterviewere feet tall and I’ve got a really tiny body. I weight right around 100 pounds, not much more than that.

Interviewer: You a gorgeous brunette and your fans cannot get enough of you, Sara.
Sara Luvv: Hey, I love my fans and I love to do porn.

Interviewer: Tell me something that would surprise people to know about you, please.
Sara Luvv: Okay, well you might not think so, but I am shy about initiating sex with people, you know, approaching people in social situations and talking about sex or asking them about it. Before I got into the porn industry I really didn’t have all that much sex, unless I had a boyfriend. I mean if I had a boyfriend then I would have as much sex as I wanted, whenever. But starting up that kind of relationship isn’t that easy if you are basically shy the way I am on the inside.

Interviewer: If you’re shy, how did you break the news to your parents that you were becoming an adult entertainer?
Sara Luvv: I didn’t have to. Someone saw one of my movies and then told my mom.

Interviewer: That sounds a little awkward.
Sara Luvv: You think? Oh yeah, but after I had a good face-to-face conversation with my parents and reassured them that it was my choice and that I work with studios that are 100% professional they were cool with it. I think the main thing they wanted to know was that I was safe, and happy. Now we are closer than ever before.

Interviewer: That’s great. What do you like to do when you aren’t working?
Sara Luvv: I got into weight lifting a while back which is great, and I’m into Netflix and Playstation.

Interviewer: What kind of music do you like?
Sara Luvv: Okay, this might be the biggest shocker for my fans. I love country music!

Interviewer: Interesting. So what’s next?
Sara Luvv: I’m liking where my career is and if other opportunities come my way then I will go with whatever feels good. But for now I’m planning to stay in the business for a while, and enjoy every minute of it I can.