Veronica Rodriguez Interview

The big Veronica Rodriguez at Nubile Films!

Veronica Rodriguez Pornstar Interview

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She’s one of the hottest little Latinas in the industry. She’s just launched her own production company and she’s one of the best squirters that I’ve ever seen. She’s pretty tiny. She’s only 5’2 and barely 99lbs. Her 32B’s are super perky. They may be small but they go just perfectly on her tiny frame. She’s little but don’t let that fool you. We caught up with her to ask her some questions about her career.

Tell us a little about yourself!
VR: I was born in Venezuela. I ended up going to a Catholic private school. There they separated the boys from the girl. That meant that when I kissed somebody fir the first time it was another girl.

That’s pretty hot to think about!
VR: It was really hot to do!

How did you end up coming to the US?
VR: My parents were divorced and when my mom remarried it was someone from the US. He moved us all here. It was so cold. It was nothing like Venezuela. Chicago was too cold.

Chicago is incredibly cold. I couldn’t stand it there!
VR: That’s why we moved to Miami. It was so much better down there and I fell in love with the area. I also ended up going to a public school. I had a lot of fun there. I had so much more freedom and that ended up making me kind of wild.

You don’t look that wild.
VR: I know. I look really innocent. I’m in my twenties and I’m constantly being asked if I’m in high school or middle school. It’s really fun. I can’t be too mad because it’s going to be nice when I actually start getting old.

What’s the biggest differences between the US and Venezuela?
VR: The culture! It’s an even bigger difference than the weather. A lot of people are not okay with pornography and sex. It’s against their religion. Everyone is a lot more conservative and religious. People think that the US can be religious, but it is totally different in Venezuela.

What do your parents think of your job?
VR: They don’t like it but they tolerate it. It was really hard to tell them but I wanted them to hear it from me and not because someone had found me on the internet. They don’t accept it but everyone knows about it. It’s nice that it’s not a secret but at the same time I wish that they were a little bit more understanding.

What were you like in high school?
VR: I wasn’t a straight A student but I never got below a C. I knew that my mom would be very upset if I got a bad grade like that. So I kept my grades up but I still had a lot of fun.

Did you mess around with a lot of boys?
VR: Yes! I think I was with at least 15 boys before I entered into porn. I love exploring and I love sex. My mom would say that I’m a bit wild but I say that I just like to have fun. I love having sex—I mean if you do porn, you kind of have to like it. Otherwise why would you do this for a living.

When did you lose your virginity?
VR: I was 16. It was with a boy from school. I told him that he was going to be my first. He was very excited and wanted to make it special.

Was it?
VR: Well it hurt a lot! But I really enjoyed it aside from that. I guess I was just too tiny then.

Did you ever have sex with a girl before porn? A lot of porn stars haven’t.
VR: I did! It was when I was 12 and still living in Venezuela. I was really curious. I’ve always been like that and since there weren’t any boys around. It happened after class. We went back to our room and then we just laid in bed and explored each other. It was such a magical moment.

Do you remember the first scene you shot?
VR: Yes! It was in Miami and it was with BangBros. It was a boy/girl scene. I know, I jumped right in. I was nervous. I think that everyone is kind of nervous when they do something like that. But I was also excited. It was something that I had never done before and I really wanted to see what it was like to be the main star. I’d worked before that as an extra so I had an idea about how things went down. It wasn’t totally new to me. It wasn’t like I’d just walked in off the street.

What about your second scene?
VR: I think that one went a lot better. It goes a lot better when everything’s not so brand new.

What’s your favorite position?
VR: Doggystle! I love it. I know a lot of girls say that it makes them feel like an animal, but that’s what see is supposed to be about! I love how animalistic it can be. But I can squirt in missionary, so that’s one that I do a lot of porn in. Being about to squirt on command is pretty great.

Have you ever surprised a partner with that talent?
VR: Yes! It was really funny to see the look on his face. He said that he’d never had a girl do that before. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I can do it all the time. Sometimes without being touched.

That’s pretty amazing!
VR: I call it my super power!

Be sure to check out all of Veronica Rodriguez’ videos. She’s done over 200 scenes so there’s a lot of material to watch. She’s definitely someone you won’t get tired of seeing!