Whitney Westgate Interview

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The Whitney Westgate Interview

The ultimate Whitney Westgate Interview

Whitney Westgate is an up and coming porn star. With a face like the elusive girl next door, Whitney brings something special to every film she stars in. She looks like a girl I used to know in high school. Whitney bears a strong resemblance to Kaylee from Joss Whedon’s cult classic, Firefly. Standing at 5’6 this brunette beauty is a total babe. Today we sit down to chat with her about her career.

So, how did you get into porn?

WW: I was in high school and I was offered a chance to make some money and fly out to California. I’d never been out to the West Coast before. I’d also just been fired.

What was it like being a porn star in high school?

WW: It wasn’t for all of high school. Just the last few weeks. I actually shot my first scene on the day that everyone else was going to senior prom. I didn’t get asked to prom, so I decided, why not?

I bet all those boys are just kicking themselves for missing out!

WW: Oh I wasn’t exactly a virgin but I was never one of those easy girls. I only had sex in relationships.

That’s refreshing to hear!

WW: Well I’m glad someone thinks so!

Where can we find your first scene?

WW: It’s called Girls Do Porn. It’s amateur, but that’s what got me here.

So many people are happy you’re in this business. What was it like shooting that first scene?

WW: Thank! It’s so good to hear that. I was really nervous, actually. My first thought when everything started happening was “What have I got myself into” But it ended up being absolutely amazing and I loved it. It was the best trip ever.

So, I have to ask this, but fake or natural?

WW: These are all natural!

That’s hard to believe! They’re so big.

WW: They’ve been this way since middle school. I used to get teased about them.

I bet you don’t get teased anymore.

WW: No, not anymore.

What was it like growing up in Jersey?

WW: It was great. There’s a really suburban atmosphere, but then New York City is just 30 minutes away and Philadelphia is an hour away. So there’s always something to do. I was never bored growing up. The nightlife was great too! I definitely enjoy that part of it a lot now.

What were you like in high school?

WW: Oh I was really outgoing. I was involved in everything. I did cheerleading for the basketball and the football team. That was really fun! I’ve done a lot of other sports too, like gymnastics, baseball, and dance. I’ve always been active.

Sounds like you’re quite the sporty one!

WW: I guess you could say that. I love going to the gym and being active. Anything that gets my blood going!

Speaking of things that gets your blood going, let’s talk about sex. What’s your favorite position?

WW: I like missionary! I’m sorry I’m really boring. But I just love feeling a big man on top of me. It makes me feel like he’s in total control and I just love that. But I also like the spoon position. That way it’s a lot easier for the man to play with my clit.

It sounds like you’re a bit submissive in bed.

WW: That’s pretty accurate. I like to switch it up though. Sometimes I can be pretty dominate. But if I had to choose one role, it would be submissive. There’s just something about having a man control what I’m doing that makes me so wet.

Are you more into gentle or rough?

WW: Both! I like both. My favorite thing is to start out really soft and gentle and to get more rough the better I get to know someone. If I’m not doing porn, I only do the rough stuff with someone I know and trust. It’s so much better that way. I love having that deep connection with someone and then having the roughest, wildest sex.

What was the most daring scene you filmed?

WW: It was at a lingerie store called Bizzy B. We did while they were open, so customers were walking through and everything. I’d never done anything like it before. Usually, you’re just with everyone else on a set. Sometimes it’s a rented house, but it’s never in public. It was just so weird. They knew we were shooting too in the dressing room. About three people tried to get in the shot by causing a scene in the dressing room. It was so crazy.
How often do you masturbate?

WW: At least three times a day! I have a huge sex drive

I bet that comes in handy for your job.

WW: It definitely does! It makes it a lot easier. I can’t imagine working as a porn star and not liking sex as much as I do.

What do you use to masturbate?

WW:I use the Hitachi wand! It’s so effective. That thing never fails to get me off. It’s the best.

What are three things you can’t live without?

WW: My puppies, my family and my jeep!

Not the Hitachi?

WW: Life would be sadder without it but I think I could make do. There’s a lot of other things that get me off besides vibrators.

What do you think has made you such a big star?

WW: I really can’t say! It just happened over night. My parents actually found out about it almost instantly. I was all over the internet.

Wait, you didn’t tell them?

WW: No! Of course not, but they found out anyways. They’re actually really cool about it now, which is really great.

Despite the fact that she’s a big star, Whitney remains humble and down to earth. It’s part of her charm. When I was interviewing her I was constantly struck by how humble she was. She knows that she’s famous but she doesn’t let her get to her head. For her, porn is just another job.